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Newsletter - Janvier 2018


  • The early times of stationary cosmologie, Eve-Aline Dubois (UNamur), February 15, 13:00 - 14:00, E25
  • Well-Posedness of Boundary Controlled and Observed Stochastic Port-Hamiltonian systems, FranГ§ois Lamoline (UNamur), February 20, 13:00 - 14:00, E25
  • Opinion dynamics and fake versus traditional news influence in Twitter, Alexandre Bovet (UNamur), March 1, 13:00 - 14:00, E25

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Winter Workshop on Complex Systems. naXys was a Silver Sponsor of the Winter Workshop on Complex Systems that took place in Utrecht University in January 2018. This one-week workshop proposed an alternative concept where young researchers from all over the world gather together for discussing about complexity science and engaging into novel research projects.

Black holes from the beginning of time. On the scale of the Universe, the elements of our environment (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen…) constitute only 0,1% of the cosmic matter. Stars and gas inside galaxies account for less than 15% of the matter contribution. What about the remaining 85%? It's a mystery. It is calleddark matter.Although its existence is indirectly detected, it has never been directly observed. Could dark matter be made of black holes? Since 2016, there is a revived interest for the scenario of primordial black holes formed in the early Universe. The detection by Advanced-LIGO/VIRGO of gravitational waves issued from the merging of two massive black holes was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2017. A researcher of the naXys Institute, Dr Sebastien Clesse, and his collaborator, Prof Juan Garcia-Bellido, have suggested that LIGO black holes have a primordial origin and that such black holes could explain the dark matter in the Universe. Their work was the February cover ofPour La Science, for which they have written an article summarizing the features of the primordial black hole dark matter scenario. The english version of this article was previously published inScientific Americanin July 2017.


To support their participation in scientific meetings, early-career members of naXys (PhD students and post-docs) are invited to apply for naXys travel fellowships. Rules and conditions are described in the form available here.


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