NAXYS Newsletter March 2018


Newsletter - March 2018


  • Orbital evolution during planet-disc interactions, Jean Teyssandier (Cornell University, USA), March 29, 13:00 - 14:00, E25
  • Peculiarities of reaction and diffusion on temporal networks, Julien Petit (Ecole Royale Militaire - UNamur), April 10, 13:00 - 14:00, E25
  • Applications of Monotone Systems Theory to Synthetic Biology, Aivar Sootla (University of Oxford), April 19, 13:00 - 14:00, E25

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AAV Anniversary Conference. Chapman University (California, USA) hosted on March 1st - 2nd a celebratory conference commemorating the 30th anniversary of the first paper on weak values and quantum weak measurements by Yakir Aharonov, David Albert, and Lev Vaidman ("How the result of a measurement of a component of a spin-1/2 particle can turn out to be 100", Phys. Rev. Lett. 60:1351, 1988). This symposium was held in the presence of Yakir Aharonov and Lev Vaidman. It surveyed the development of weak values, and explored the current debates about their foundational significance and practical applications. NaXys researcher Yves Caudano was invited to present the latest results of his group on the investigation of the quantum three-box paradox based on weak measurements of photon pairs.
Upcoming conferences.
  • NetSci 2018 (Conference of the Network Science Society 2018), 12-15 June 2018, Paris, France ;
  • CCS2018 (Conference on Complex Systems 2018), 23-28 September 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece.


  • A multi-scale fine-grained LUTI model to simulate land use scenarios in Luxembourg, Cornelis, E., Gerber, P., Caruso, G., Medard de Chardon, C., Feb 2018, Journal of Transport and Land Use, 11, 1, p. 255-272
  • Influence of periodic orbits on the formation of giant planetary systems, Libert, A. S., Sotiriadis, S. & Antoniadou, K. I., Feb 2018, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, 130, 2, 19, 13 p.
  • An optimal control formulation of pulse-based control using Koopman operator, Sootla, A., Mauroy, A. & Damien, E., 2018 (Accepted/In press), Automatica. 10 p.
  • A note on preconditioning weighted linear least-squares with consequences for weakly constrained variational data assimilation, Gratton, S., Selime, G., Simon, E. & Toint, P., 2018 (Accepted/In press), Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 10 p.
  • Effects of a herbicide and copper mixture on the quality of marine plankton, Filimonova, V., De Troch, M., Gonçalves, F., Marques, J. C., Marques, S. M., Gonçalves, A. M. M. & De Laender, F., 2018 (Accepted/In press), Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 9 p.
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