Optical engineering & quantum optics (OPTICS)


This research pole deals with the engineering of optical devices whose numerical modelling is computationally expensive. We develop for this purpose bio-inspired optimisation techniques (genetic algorithms, particle swarm optimization, etc), which account for the specificities of optical systems and eventually provide globally optimal solutions.

We also explore foundational issues in quantum mechanics and quantum optics, both theoretically and experimentally, in particular using the concept of weak measurements (for example: three-box paradox, Cheshire cat, geometric phases in weak values, photon trajectories…). We also develop advanced spectroscopies based on weak measurements, or that exploit the quantum nature of light and the special properties of entangled photons.

Keywords: Optical Engineering, Genetic Algorithms, Nonlinear Optics, Quantum Optics, Weak Measurements, Quantum information

Contact: Alexandre Mayer and Yves Caudano

Relevant references:

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